i recently married stevie and made myself part of the hakka chan clan.

i love to learn and be a fantastic cook, able in certain cuisines and especially wanna bake well.

had wanted to do a food blog for a long time.

uninspired, no central theme i lagged behind .

one day hubby suggested i take leave and learn from mom many of her home-cooked recipes.

perhaps, this will be a good start.

a blog to pay tribute to momsie’s love and creativity.

a good chance for me to collect recipes from extended family worldwide ….. send them in and i will publish them here to share.

i occasionally blog at lenscape of my life, too.

7 thoughts on “l’apprenti

  1. Just stumbled across your site and was admiring the pictures. You’ve done a beautiful job! Are you still active on this site and what country are you in? I’m doing a website of my own, HakkaChineseFood.com and was looking for pictures of Yong Tofu. Any chance I might be able to use one of your pictures with a link back to your site?

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