Happy Birthday Geminis

A Gemini

Two souls live in you, heavenly twins
Which one are you showing of your two sides?
Is it darkness? Is it light?
There’s so much more than within sight
Heaven’s twins, walking among the stars

Good talker you are, communicator
Your speech always clever
Witty, your interests are hard to bind
Lover of challenges and games of mind
Heaven’s twins, they are walking among the stars

Appreciating the written word
Traveling places of this world
But Gemini, don’t stretch too thin
Not just this and that of ev’rythin’
It’s the heaven’s twins, walking amon the stars

Thus, oh twins, hear me well
And heavens shall be yours to dwell:
Dive not into much, but dive deeply
And of your father you will be worthy
Watch the heaven’s twins, walking among the stars

( a quote i borrowed from the net)


So many of  you are Geminis.

Cannot keep count and I truly missed out one or maybe two.

Mrs. Chan is losing her memory, age is catching up. Anyway, as an effort to redeem my bad, here’s a tray of beautiful cupcakes to rejoice and feast your eyes.

You wouldn’t want to eat those cupcakes, I assure you. Before baking, I was so full of expectations. Looking forward to a tray of beautifully frosted cupcakes. I cried with disappointments. The frosting was too sweet, the cake too dry and dense.

Anyway, it is the thought that counts, right?

Let that be.

2 types of cupcakes, a vanilla and a chocolate are chosen to signify the Gemini in you.

Happy Birthday, strangers.

Happy Birthday to my friends I have made but yet to meet.

Happy Birthday to my best friends; Karen, Joey, Norli, Nani and Nurul.

Happy Birthday to my brothers, Edward and Mitch and sister Agnes.


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