Happy Chan Family: Mr. & Mrs. Chan


But honestly, I did not put myself on eBay and my wife did not find me while foraging for bargain sex toys.

Yes, we first made acquaintance online, but it wasn’t on eBay.

I just have to make this very clear.

An anonymous blogger who calls himself Aisehman has put my blog on his blogroll (pretty good shit) and that’s how my wife started reading my drunken rants and found “that kid” interesting.

For the longest time she thought I was a college student. That how childish my blog was, if you really want to know the truth.


(above pics by luke ding)

And so one day I received this “fanmail” offering me a certain camera lens after I complained about my Leica M being stolen and I have this Canon camera body without a lens.

The lens doesn’t fit but we started trading emails, and then I started reading her blog, and she kept reading my rants. Basically that’s how we sized each other up.

Before Twitter, you know, blogging was really big.

Blogging was… you know, deep shit, and people took it seriously.

Bloggers love to think that they threw Pak Lah out of his office; that’s just to show you how big blogging was.

But none could beat me, of course, I got myself a wife from blogging.

pic by adriennely

I want to tell you more about what was going on in my life when I was a soldier-of-fortune in Shanghai, which eventually led me to ask for Jo’s hand, but I will save it for another day.

They are very emotional stuff.

pic by joanne sun

I don’t know how much I could tell you before hurting others’ feelings.

But I will tell you all, and that is a promise.

I have seen some funny shit that could make you cry.

pic by joanne sun

My wife and I didn’t really go on dates prior to our wedding.

We’ve met only 3 times before I proposed to her. Online.

For that I wish to register my apology to her.

But I have my reasons.

pic by irene ngoh
pic by irene ngoh

My wife often asks if I love her, and to my knowledge I have never given her a straight answer.

That’s because I don’t believe it is a worthy question.

But here it is:

it’s love by whom (my beautiful friend) the gift to live is without until:

…love was and shall be this only truth (a dream of a deed, born not to die)

— e. e. cummings

story by stevie chan, a.k.a. youtiup


9 thoughts on “Happy Chan Family: Mr. & Mrs. Chan

  1. I remember the Youtiup blog, the Aisehman blog, the Miss Whatever blog and a host of now extinct blogs. Thank God for Mrs Chan who still keeps her blog alive with awesome posts like these. My faith in humanity restored, thank you. LOL

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