Ribena Lemonade


Unusual but refreshing.

A lemonade pours on a hot, sizzling afternoon is most welcomed. The piquant taste of citrus wakes up any sleepy heads.

This Ribena Lemonade is Agnes’s usual serving, especially when we have plenty of children or non-alcoholic adults. Luke and I, fall soberly in this constituency.


When life gives you lemons, don’t fret. Make a lemonade.

To draw out the lemon juice easily, always keep them at room temperature. They yield a greater amount of tangy juice.

For this lemonade, a large lemon should be sufficient. Half the fruit to draw out the juice and the remaining half, we slice to add as decorative.


Ribena is a black currant syrup, commonly found in any household here in Malaysia. I guess, you tend to feel less guilty pouring in a grape cordial then white sugar into a lemonade. It’s psychological, no doubt. But it works. You tend to imagine that you are consuming less sugar. For those sugar and calories conscious freaks, you can moderate on the amount of Ribena used.

Pour in a cupful of ice cubes. Use larger ones as they tend to melt into pretty little ones when poured into glasses.


I made a quick dash to the garden and pick 2 sprigs of peppermint. They not only add colour to the jug of lemonade but gives a tantalising hint of mint. Generally, if you like your cocktail carbonated you can pour in a litre of soda. Margaux and I are not big fans of gassy stuff, so we just make our lemonade with water instead.


I call this the shy drink. None of the ingredients here overpower each other. They are a great team, working to bring out a state of cohesive taste. You get to taste the lemon and grape juice with a hint of mint, all in a gulp.

You can be adventurous though, put in a can of lychees with syrup in replacement of the Ribena and a whole new lemonade to enjoy.

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