a simple picnic

The Hakka Chan family in Kuala Lumpur is led by Agnes Chan. She plays mom and head of family among us siblings. Occasionally she will suggest a meet; either through a dim sum breakfast or a family cook together house party that can be hosted in any of our homes.

Growing up in a farm, this  Hakka Chan misses the space, the green and clean crisp air.

The nearest substitute location, convenient to all is the little green patch a.k.a. a playground 200 years away from Coco Chan’s abode. It was a perfect escape for a simple dinner and we had such great fun.

Agnes and Margaux having a swing time.

Chris’s wife seen here, intense. Probably negotiating about a new house or car.

Chris and Margaux, overzealous with the monkey bar.

A simple picnic in the family means home prepared. With everyone busy with their workweek lives, Agnes Chan decided on a very no fuss menu for all. Although it was supposed to be a potluck thingy, the family all crowded into Coco’s tiny kitchen dishing out their favourite dishes.

Local coffee, be it Sin Seng or Aik Cheong, makes the family picnic menu complete.

A Simple Picnic Menu

  • Tofu and Cucumber Salad
  • Long Beans Skinny Pancakes
  • Bakes Bacon on Potatoes and Tomatoes




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