Guest Chef:- Bread Pudding by Alzari Joey Mahshar


Isn’t it true this phrase, ” Facebook is for reconnecting with old friends and Twitter is for making new ones”?

Stevie and I made many fabulous new friends in Twitter. Joey is one of my many favourites. He is such a sweet and caring guy. I don’t love him because he bought me half a dozen of “real” condensed milk from Singapore. I am not easily bought.

Anyway last Saturday, Agnes and I were struggling to upload apps into our iPads. Although we sat across each other, our minds were converging at the same thought. Who can help us computer idiots in distress?

Of course, Joey the IT savvy guy from Twitter Jaya. We decided to hijack him from Shah Alam since he is back in Malaysia to spend some time with his two sons, Danish and Danial.


Joey obliged our invitation to our regular weekend hi-tea get-together for family friends and their children. Joey came with his youngest prince, Daniel.

Elaine was also present with her children Novia, Aaron and Erywna. They came for brunch and the children were all lazing around the living room after their morning swim and Chinese Pasta lunch.

While Joey, Agnes, Coco and I were spending the afternoon discussing parenthood and other stuffs, Danial and Erywna decided to get acquainted.


Obviously, Daniel and Erywna did not click from the very start.


Small in size, Erywna in reality is a BIG BULLY.


Children being children, through fight and tussle they finally found comfort as they spent time together.


Bread Butter Pudding

I was happy that Joey’s pudding came without a trace of cinnamon. I am not a big fan of  this spice.

The pudding was prettily arranged with the sesame laced crust at the top. Golden and generously tossed with raisins, the pudding looked so delicious. There was thought of a vanilla custard to go with it but lazy Mrs. Chan took a short cut. Instead, we finished the tray of pudding with freshly whipped cream. Heavenly.



  • 1 French loaf
  • 3 cans of full cream evaporated milk
  • 500 ml fresh milk
  • 2 eggs
  • Raisins
  • Vanilla essence
  • Fine & brown sugar


  1. Beat eggs with sugar
  2. Mix evaporated sugar with fresh milk together with egg mix
  3. Add vanilla essence
  4. Slice loaf as desired size n butter the slices
  5. Soak slices and arrange in baking dish together with raisins
  6. Make sure baking dish is well buttered as well
  7. Bake in oven at 160*C for 45 mins

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