Pandan Kaya


Unhappy with how the quality of the ready pressed coconut milk had affected the taste and texture of our previous batch of kaya, I decided to give it another try while Momsie is still in town.

Kaya is the best spread to have readily available in the house. It is a favourite of Coco, Margaux and yours truly. We have these tiny crackers Coco found in Malacca. Very often we will pack them back and dung them in a good kopi-o. These crackers are just right with a dip of Momsie’s rich pandan kaya for an afternoon tea snack.


2 days back, I bought a packet of sugar, 10 omega eggs and 2 freshly grated coconut on my way home and cooked a pot of thick and delicious kaya.

Moreover, there are a dozen of miniature alkaline rice dumplings sitting in the refrigerator. It would be good to eat them after you dip these cold dumplings generously into a rich, thick kaya.

Besides improving the coconut milk, I tried using omega eggs and was thrilled. The omega eggs had beautiful, golden egg yolks. Momsie and I were debating on the sugar, to keep it as equal amount to sugar or reduce them. While it is good to produce and eat sweet kaya, I think reducing 10% of it will not reduce the overall taste of a good kaya.

Cooking kaya takes at least an hour of constant stirring of the mixture over a hot bath. It makes sense to do a larger quantity as the time needed is the same, you save gas and time. 10 eggs gave us 4 small jars. I will consider doing a 30 eggs batch and get a worthy return of 12 small jars of kaya roughly for the same amount of effort and time.


Momsie’s Rich Pandan Kaya


  • 10 eggs – 11 actually since the eggs were not large and i added a cracked classic egg that has been sitting in the fridge
  • equivalent sugar to eggs – you can reduce it but not more than 20%, what’s kaya without sweetness
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar to make caramel to add colour – unnecessary with omega eggs
  • freshly squeezed milk from 2 old coconut – most messy task
  • a bunch of screw pine leaves knotted together
  • juice from 2 limes or a small lemon


  1. Always use free range chicken eggs or duck eggs. They are better in colour and aroma. We used normal standard chicken eggs because we needed to deplete stock. Crack 10 of those in a deep stainless steel bowl.
  2. Pour in the sugar and stir till sugar is fully melted. Momsie warned me not to beat but to stir in one direction.
  3. Pour in the coconut milk. Here we had used ready packed ones from the wet market. It did not help us to get a better consistency because there is too much water added into it. Therefore, it is better if we could just buy grated coconuts and squeeze them ourselves. Drop the bunch of screw pine leaves inside.
  4. Bath the stainless steel bowl over a wok of water over medium low heat. Stirring it clockwise.
  5. 20 minutes later, sieve the liquid. Momsie said this will take out unwanted white that coagulated too early.
  6. Pour in the lime or lemon juice and you will notice the kaya changes colour.
  7. Continue to bath the mixture for another 40 minutes.
  8. Leave to cool and transfer into jars.

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