Banana Pancakes


This simple snack is a sure HIT with kids.

Whenever there are children around, I’d love to serve them  banana pancakes. I don’t like the idea of them kids having individual serving plates. Most often, I will make my pancakes larger and cut them into smaller pieces. Serve in a common plate for all. Easy to pick. Easy to eat.

If I do serve them individually, children would glee whenever I top their pancakes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


The tricky part is, ripe bananas gives a sweeter taste when caramelised. I have been getting good results with local bananas, especially the ones from momsie’s garden.

Another important point you must note is, try to have a higher portion of bananas. Be as generous as possible. When pouring batter into pan, make sure that the sliced bananas are evenly spread. Kids get disappointed when biting into a chunk of dough without the tasty sweet bananas.


As usual, we have 7 kids over for an afternoon get-together. I calculated in my heart that I should be able dish out a larger plate with the 4 ripe bananas left in the kitchen table. This time round the kids were all busy playing, the adults wiped out my banana pancakes. Winked. I am pleased.


  • ripe bananas
  • crepe batter , left over by Mr. Florentin ( a guest chef at Agnes’s home birthday party)
  • butter or oil for frying
  • icing sugar (optional)
  1. I normally will do a simple pancake batter with egg yolks, flour and milk.
  2. Slice peel bananas and put them inside the batter.
  3. Heat non-steak pan and add a little butter.
  4. Use ladle and scope sufficient batter for the pancake size desired. Make sure banana ratio is generous and consistent throughout.
  5. When pancakes turns golden and bananas caramelised enough, dish out quickly before it burns.
  6. Cut into triangles or random bite sizes. Arrange into serving dish.
  7. Garnishing and sugar icing sprinkle are optional.

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