HAPPY FAMILY:- The Gelbers Hosting A Party


Coco Chan, the youngest amongst the siblings. Marrying Mitch made her a Gelber Chan.

A decade ago, Mitch and Stevie used to be neighbours in New York. He invited Mitch for a holiday to Malaysia right after his return. Mitch came, met Coco and never left.

He was Chan-ised too.

Recently the Gelbers hosted a small potluck party for families and friends. The obvious choice location to host the party was definitely Agnes’s place. The usual suspects from the Chan Clan turned up. Mitch invited Ian, Diane, Glen, Paul and sister. Ian and Glen were ex- colleagues to Mitch in one of the leading architecture firm in Kuala Lumpur.


Mitch is recently “retired” and a happy home-maker while Coco Chan works as a legal consultant for a oil and gas company. So Mitch’s temporary retirement is good for this new family to adjust to parenthood. Vel, their little baby boy is only 6 months and this arrangement seems perfect.


Ian is from Germany, and has been travelling a bit. His employment term is expiring in Malaysia soon and he is aspiring to move on soon. Brilliant guy and speaks so humbly. I enjoyed the afternoon getting acquainted with new found friends. Funny thing was, I was admiring his partner, Diane from far. A dark beauty, beautiful hair and sweet personality. Smart me thought Ian found this beauty treasure and brought her here from some exotic Polynesian Islands. Turned out she is Malaysian, from Penang Island.






Home away from home. Agnes’s abode is such a treasure dwelling. Everyone can stay at their perfect spot, private yet not distant from the festivity.


Plenty of aperitif to uplift spirit, a few gin tonic can help warm a social event. Glen gladly offered to make for everyone.


A candid moment.


Sharing thoughts from each other’s perspective. Enlarging.


Closing the evening with a sweet golden plump pumpkin desert, enjoying the beautiful evening light that warmed our hearts.


An afternoon of sharing has to come to an end soon.


And we bid goodbye, au revoir till we meet again!


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