Kee Heong Bakuteh 奇香肉骨茶


My master, my chef, Mr. Stevie Chan.

He is an ardent home entertainer, or should I say great host to family parties. Loves cooking for immediate family members and close friends. Cooking at another’s kitchen can be stressful and difficult. Ingredients and utensils are alway not perfect as you needed them be, moreover you will be so conscious of the fact that you are actually invading someone else’s “important” place.


As some of you already know, Stevie and I are in the midst of getting our matrimonial home in order. Bought the place before we wed and now we have been living like nomads in between residences of  Agnes and my Mom. It is moving well and we hope to be hosting many a great home parties for closed buddies and relatives. Pickyin a great food blogger from Singapore has booked to come and stay over to give me tuition on cooking and baking tips. I smell great feast and festivities!

Bakuteh, is a very difficult dish. You can asked around, what and how people like their BKT. Trust me, you get very funny and personal comments. I am an almost expert on BKT as I was brought up eating BKT for breakfast everyday before my dad dropped me off to school in Ulu Kepong in the 1970s.Then. in the 1980s we travelled slightly further to Klang and Imbi, venturing beyond in search for finer concoction and presentation of BKT.

I am quite open to the choices offered, I fancy the pig trotter braised in dark soya sauce, pork intestines and stomach, or the big bone/small bone delicacy, or a casserole pot of assorted meats and additional garnish of straw mushrooms, bean curd sheet, mushrooms, fried fritters/yau char kueh etc. You are spoilt for choice and there rightfully will be one that match your taste bud.

Bakuteh, truly a personal dish, one man’s meat can be another’s poison.


Tofu a very complimentary stuff that goes well with casserole pot BKT. Choose the best, from Bukit Tinggi or Bentong.


Our honored guests tonight is a very beautiful and soulful couple, Lam Yuet and hubby, Jian Quiang. Behind the cooking counter, Stevie is pretty stressed out because Jian Quiang comes from Klang and an expert on BKT and tea. Apologetic as well because, we chosen to take a short cut to use a very good ready mixed BKT herbal sachet from Kee Heong. Anyway, what matters is, Stevie is a very serious cook and makes sure he has the best ingredients.

While cooking we were reminiscing the last trip up to Ah Her’s at Pandamaran, Klang, recommended and treated by Jian Quiang. It was the best BKT we ever tasted, nowhere else in the world you can find another match. The consistency, the texture and flavour; immaculate and just right.


Coco Chan, the youngest sibling of Stevie, sharing a light moment with hubby.


Sol looking good at 6 months.


Home parties are so warm and fun.


My 3 choice recommendations for BKT is as follows:-


Kee Heong Bakuteh 奇香肉骨茶


  • 1 kilo of meat, ideally secret pork belly and soft spareribs (for halal substitute with chicken) Do Not cut meat into bite size.
  • 2 packet of Kee Heong Bakuteh Sachet
  • 4 big whole pulps of garlic with skin
  • kei chee, dangguai, huaishan, pakkei (optional)
  • whole bean curds and deep fried tofus
  • mushrooms
  • dark and lite soya sauce
  • salt
  1. bring 3 liters of water to boil, add both dark and light soy sauces, whole garlic, whole meat and spareribs, and Kee Heong BKT herb sachets,
  2. boil for 10 minutes, turn fire to low setting,
  3. after 30 minutes, add whole deep fired tofus and whole bean curds,
  4. simmer for another 30 minutes
  5. cut into smaller bite size the meat to be served
  6. serve mushrooms, bean curds and deep fried tofus into smaller bowls as side dish (optional)

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