Potted Kai Lan (kale) – Chinese Broccoli Rabe

Stevie and I are  interested to cultivate some greens for our balcony. Obviously, we had eyed a few plants from Momsie’s garden that we could either sweetly get her to ready few seedlings. Otherwise, I would just sweetly coaxed her to part with a few of the amazingly seasoned ones in her garden.

I am thinking of a pot of these Kai Lan or Chinese Broccoli Rabe.

There are so many types of Kai Lan’s in the market; especially now that they are importing in by the hundreds of containers daily from China. You can find baby kailans, big stems kale, and many variety more. I used to love this vegetables back in the olden days; they were crisp and odourless. They didn’t taste like chemical or pesticide stubbornly clinging onto the waxy plant.

Momsie’s Kai Lan tastes heavenly.

Momsie says it’s magical, they keep growing as you peel them off to cook. Endless supply.

Pretty foliage.

Good thing, Stevie loves the mustard leaves and I am crazy on the crunchy sweet stems. We never have to fight.

Fried Rice with Kai-Lan

It’s the morning after the grand celebration of Stevie’s eldest brother, Keng Choon’s 50th birthday party. Although we were promised a hearty breakfast treat from his missus; no one seemed to be up yet.

Momsie knew we all needed to be ahead of the mad rush home to KL. She was already busy in the kitchen planning to cook us a simple fried rice. Nothing tastes like Momsie’s simple fried rice. She will use whatever ingredients that are available in the kitchen.

She was, as usual shy and apologetic. She didn’t expect me to be up that early and especially to be interested to blog about the 2 simple snacks; a fried rice and keria gula melaka ; she was about to prepare for her children. Anyway, I told her to be easy and let me just be a happy trigger by the side.

This morning, we ran out of long beans and spring onions. Of course, Momsie without any hesitation used a few leafy Kai Lan from her garden. Although fried rice seems to be such an easy platter to dish out, I can tell you it is never easy to fry a tasty simple fried rice. I have my fair share of stress doing this dish for Stevie. Most times I know I can never match Momsie’s and I can really know why.

I hope you have a chance to sample Momsie’s Fried Rice; perhaps the next round you are here she will be using some ladies’ fingers instead.

Washed, cleaned and cut.

Lightly beaten eggs, minced garlic, diced wax sausages.

Savoury, salty and tasty anchovies add special flavour.


  1. cold steamed rice;
  2. kai-lan, washed and chopped (1 cm in length);
  3. ikan bilis/anchovies
  4. chinese wax sausage, diced
  5. eggs, beaten
  6. dark and light soya sauce
  7. fish sauce
  8. mince garlic
  9. pinch of salt
  10. cooking oil.

Fried Rice with Kai-Lan Cooking Method:

  1. Stir in some salt into the beaten eggs;
  2. Fry ikan bilis/anchovies till golden and crispy, drain well and set aside;
  3. Blanch the Kai-lan in boiling salted water for 1 minute, then rinse it under cold water, drain well and set aside;
  4. Heat 1tbsp oil up in a wok, stir fry the shiitake until fragrant, scoop out and set aside;
  5. Heat  oil up in a big wok, fry the beaten eggs until set;
  6. Add the sausage, garlic and fry till fragrant;
  7. Add rice, cook it under high heat until it is heated through and separated;
  8. Then add the kai-lan, stir them very well with the rice;
  9. Optional, you can add colour to plain white fried rice with a little thick dark soya sauce;
  10. Season with salt, fish sauce, and light soya sauce, and then serve.

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