HAPPY FAMILY: Dai Lo, Dai So & family

Normally I am the official photographer of the Chan family. Today has been an exception, I decided to let Stevie “take over” his camera as Dai So called personally for this favour. I am happy to take a step back and enjoy the festivities.

It is no ordinary day today. Besides, 1st May being a Labour Day public holiday, it is also the birthday of the eldest son of our Chan Family. Chan Keng Choon or most affectionately addressed as Dai Lo (大老) amongst us siblings and in-laws.

Dai So (大嫂) has been planning this birthday since last year. Everyone in the family was given enough notice and she reminded us to be present for this auspicious celebration. Gosh, 50 sounds like a BIG number. It was only 21 years ago that Dai Lo at 31 years old cradle snatched a 17 year old bride in my Dai So.

And today, at 50, this simple and inward looking couple is gifted with 4 junior Chans. Dai Lo and wife run a restaurant in Pantai Kundur; a restaurant boasting authentic and delicious Hakka dishes. I hope to be writing about him and his recipes, soon after I have completed introducing the Chan family members.

This accompanying, very unprofessionally taken and unedited video clip is posted especially for Fargo and Shauna. We wished you all could be here to celebrate with us.

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