HAPPY FAMILY: Agnes & Margaux Chan

I thought it would be nice if I start introducing you the Chan family members. Let’s start with this beautiful mother-daughter couple, Agnes Chan and Margaux Chan Chaillou.

Pretty, successful and enterprising. She is now all dressed up on a Saturday morning, all ready to defend a team of residents of a condominium in Ampang. Although a busy lady, Agnes makes sure she spends enough time with her little kiddo; especially on weekends like this.

Strong taste buds, highly critical on food, Agnes prefers home-cook food because rarely she finds those served outside palatable. Despite a late bloomer as far as venturing into the kitchen department, she can cook up a surprise or two. Summarily, a very daring, adaptable and intuitive cook.

Margaux Chan Chaillou is an artist. That is how she loves to be recognised. Kid you not, this kid can produce very beautiful sketches and drawings. Margaux actually started selling some of her creations as far back as when she was a tiny tot at 4.

This morning, while Agnes is cooking her favourite French Toast, she is busy preparing an illustration project on Benjamin Franklin. Whenever she is inspired, her creative adrenaline is gushing; nothing can distract her.



1                  egg

1 tbsp           condensed milk

3 slices      wholemeal bread

3 tsp           raw honey


oil butter


1. Break egg in a wide bowl. Beat the egg a little.

2. Add condensed milk and lightly stir to dissolve them.

3. Pour in a little milk to the right consistency.

4. Immerse bread slice by slice.

5. Heat a frying pan and put in a little oil.

6. Fry both side to golden colour.

7. Scope a little raw honey and trickle as much or as little, or none.

She is so absorbed into Franklin’s world.

Pleasantly taking a little pause from school work. Time for this little girl to grab these golden toasts.

Her little masterpiece for the morning.

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