a pound that wasn’t

In my case, NO.

I baked a pound cake that wasn’t worth its weight but do not let this somewhat deformed cake puts you off. This is a Quasimodo, ugly on the outside but golden on the inside. Truly aromatic, with generous use of real, rich condensed milk and flavoursome.

Most food blogs would boast a successfully cooked dish. Yours truly decided to be honest to show you what can really go wrong for a apprentice baker like me. I have butter fingers, nothing bakes well through this pair of hands. Either floppy, gooey or burnt.

Isn’t it despairing? You get so excited, motivated to cook a pound cake after watching hundreds of beautifully published recipes. I am a sucker for be well photographed pics, the centre piece and depth of field to emphasized the dish. Jun Belen, the one in particular won over the others. He is a professional photographer and an avid food blog. And his pound cake calls for condensed milk.

I need to consume some before they get expired this coming June.


Right. What could go wrong Joanne? A simple basic cake like this is just too easy for anyone, even amateurs.

I thought I thawed the butter that just came out of the refrigerator. It would be impossible to go into the mixer. I didn’t want to wait for it to thaw naturally. Instead, I happily thought I was a genius to melt that chunk of butter over the stove. Clever me, right?

There is no short cut. Got my little brother to get me some butter to replace from a grocery store nearby.

Castor sugar and fine sugar. Fine, I didn’t read properly and hastily used the sugar I joyfully grabbed the one nearest on hand. They are the sugar for my hubby’s kopi, coarse and took me a long time to beat them down with the butter.

Lastly, I could read temperatures!

I could not tell the knob on the baby oven, is readings in Celsius. So, imagine when Jun Belen asked for a 325 degree Fahrenheit oven, I rapped it to 325 degree Celsius.

I was liked brewing an atomic bomb.

The cake cooked quickly . Burning at the sides and top too fast. Luckily, I realised it “soon enough” and lowered it down. By then, the pound cake has gone through enough abuse. Look at the cake bursting in the middle because the sides are too hard for it to beat through when it rises.

Anyway, I am not easily disheartened. I am a mother, and mothers always try salvage situations.

It would be a disappointment if I told everybody, there is not gonna be any servings of this much awaited orange flavoured pound cake with condensed milk. They are so looking forward as the aroma of this milk has conquered the entire house. What an enticement? To end up with nothing?

I decided to cheat a little. Trimmed off all the slightly burnt and rubbery sides.

All is not lost.

In no time, the cake was consumed and I got a thumbs up for a pound that almost wasn’t 16 ounces. Imperfect in every way, but so great it tasted. I bet my family members are biased.

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