Thyme Roasted Chicken

a delighted Margaux

Oh! It’s Ready!

When we were signaled that Agnes’s Thyme Roasted Chicken is ready, there was cooperation. Everyone just got out of the pool, gather round her patina laden 14 ft lacquered table she gotten as a bargain from an antique dealer in Malacca.

No body negotiates like Agnes. What Agnes wants, she normally gets.

Yeah, she got us all drooling and salivating. Queuing politely. Anyway, with such a big chicken on the platter, no one needs to rush. You got to hint on your favourite part though. Since Stevie was carving the bird, I needn’t have to ask.

first come first serve
this thigh for me
kiddies first
sharing is togetherness


For those waiting for this recipe, be warned.

Firstly, this is Agnes’s maiden attempt to cook something on her brand new SMEG. No matter how great or reputable the make is, good roasting requires good handling of temperatures, ingredients and time in oven.

Secondly, Agnes loves to vary and replace ingredients to the availability or sometimes, as she puts it, based on her mood and liking at that point of time.

We encourage you to be adventurous. Use your intuition, it’s there, Come on use it!

Welcome to the “agak-agak” world of Momsie.


1                 Whole Free Range Chicken

3                 Potatoes

1                 Large Lemon

1                 Bunch of Thyme

20              Black Peppercorns

20              Cloves of Garlic

some          Asparagus

some          Streaky Bacon

some          Butter

some          Sea Salt

Choose your favorite potatoes. In our case, we had these 3 lying around and decided to rid of them. It is not good to keep potatoes for too long, least they start sprouting. If you love vegetables, feel free to toss in whatever you fancy. Carrots, squash, capsicum, pumpkins or onions.

Timing is important. If you decided on asparagus or capsicum, put them into the oven during the last 20 mins. You do not want them too soft when overcooked.

Prepare the chicken ahead. After it is clean, pat dry with a paper towel. Rub salt generously on the inside and outside. Cut the lemon into wedges and stuff it inside the cavity. If you prefer more thyme aroma, stuff more of it too. Leave it aside and you can move on to prepare the rest.

Set the oven to a temperature of 375F.

Rub a big roasting tray with butter. Put the chicken onto the centre of the tray and surround it with the cut potatoes. Spread the balance thyme and sprinkle some sea salt and peppercorns. Carrots can add colours, onions are best.

The highlight and most important ingredient is the streaky bacon to be spread across the chicken breast. Make sure you buy the non-smoked version. The bacon strip will be cooked and becomes crispy and releasing an aroma so inviting. Besides, the coverage will help keeps the breast part moist.

If you don’t prefer the strips of bacon, drizzle some olive oil over the chicken.

Put the tray into the oven and roast it for 40 mins at 375F. Put in your asparagus and turn down the temperature setting to 200F for a further 20 to 30 mins.

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