nian gao sandwich

Ever craved for a Nian Gao sandwich and you just don’t know where to buy them? Even if they sell, you just do not want to drive 40 minutes to somewhere just to satiate that craving.

Making the sandwich is not difficult but you cannot buy Nian Gao anytime of the year. You don’t wake up one morning and decide to buy Nian Gao and make this dish.

However, it is post Chinese New Year festivities and there are plenty of Nian Gao left around. Momsie cuts them into 1 cm thick squares and stores them into tumblers for future easy use. Keep them in freezer and we can make and eat Nian Gao sandwich all year round.

Momsie is easy. We cook with whatever is available in the kitchen. Momsie told me not to be judgemental on the yam we are using. They are not the purple ones, popularly available. Ours looked pale and a little yellowish. A little tip here, if you liked your yam powdery and melts in your mouth, try keeping it in the open for a week before you cook them. Storing for awhile, helps dehydrate excess moisture trapped in the tuber.

Nian Gao can be fried more easily if sandwiched with a layer of taro (yam) and sweet potato. It is an easy dish, the choice is yours in selecting whether taro, sweet potato,  just with the plain simple batter or a combination to suit each individual’s taste bud in the family.

This easy batter is truly easy to make. You can go easy without the egg, or put as much as 2 eggs if you are in an indulgent mood. Trick is to add a little corn flour so that you get a crispier bite. Put all ingredient together with a pinch of salt, add some water and stir until you get a batter which is semi-thick. To check whether it is of the right consistency, when you lift up your whisk or fork the batter should not drip but flows down thickly (as shown in photo).

Heat up oil and fry on medium heat till batter turns golden brown. Remove and place on kitchen napkin to absorb excess oil before serving.


12 slices of nian gao (not more than 1cm thick

24 slices of yam (same thickness and dimension as nian gao slices)

Oil for deep frying


1 egg (optional)

200 gm wheat flour

2 teaspoon cornflour

pinch of salt


6 thoughts on “nian gao sandwich

    1. i was so excited when the morning sun shone through the back door into the kitchen. Quickly brought the plate over to the rows of chairs against the wall. Just in time for a few shot before the morning sun decided to bid goodbye :D.

    1. While we were making those sandwiches, momsie enquired if you would be able to buy them in Texas. We thought if not, we shall slice it, vacuum pack and courier over to you. Shall we? 😛

  1. May

    Can you teach me how to select the yellowish taro? I see 2 types selling in market, round and slightly longer ones. I buy the round taro usually, it is purple.

    1. i usually buy my taro from Ben Independent Store at Publika, Hartamas.proven to be powdery and yummy. they are the round ones and i tend to choose a larger yam. their colour is white and not as pretty on nian gao but it’s more certain to be delicious. the longish purplish one’s are very fragrant and good but tricky. sometimes they can be crunchy instead of powdery. on how to select and store

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